Oil & Gas

Oil & gas industry is one of the most essential and largest industries in the world. Large bore engines are used heavily in each different step and division of this industry.

We provide engine parts for compressors, gas pump stations and oil pumps, which are crucial to the oil & gas industry. GLMW products enhance oil & gas production, getting the maximum out of the engine and increasing its lifespan at the same time.

Gas Compression Engines

These are used in gas lift, gas gathering, wellhead gas compression, pipeline compression, storage, gathering, and re-injection processes.

Power Generators

Oil and gas production requires the highest equipment uptime with the lowest operating cost. Therefore 24/7 power generators are used in well sites. Additionally, drilling operations with modern electric rigs and offshore operations depend on power generators as the source of electricity.

Drilling Engines

These are used directly in the drilling operations from drive equipments to mud pumps.

Well Service Engines

These are used in a wide range of applications including pressure pumping, work-over rigs, mud pumps, coil tubing pump support, cementing units, blenders, coil tubing units, and hydraulic power units.