Cylinder Head Components

We manufacture a variety of valves, guides and seats. Each product undergoes a list of treatments such as hardening or armoring depending on the engine load and the specific industrial application. This enables extra durability and wear resistance.

Mono-Metallic Valve:
This particular type of valves, as the names suggests, are made of a single material. This material is chosen based on the specific requirements of an industrial application such as high heat resistance or easy sliding.

Bimetallic Valve:
For these type of valves, we combine a highly heat resistant material on top with a skirt material that can be hardened. The two materials are combined using friction welding.

The valve guide provides protection to the valve stem by absorbing lateral forces. The heat from the valve stem flows to the seat and then to the cylinder head through the valve guide. We manufacture valve guides that can resist both this lateral force and the heat.

Grey cast iron or sintered metal is used in the production of valve seat inserts. The valve seat inserts prevent the valves from colliding into the cylinder head while enabling the heat from the valves to flow to the cylinder head.