Our piston division manufactures large bore pistons – up to 540 mm bore size made of aluminum or steel – for industrial applications. At our facility we manufacture pistons for all existing large bore engines; we also manufacture custom design pistons.

In addition to mono-block aluminum pistons, we manufacture pistons with aluminum bottom and steel or iron top. For pistons that require special coating, we also do nitride and phosphate coating in house; and if any other type of coating is required we outsource it from our reliable subcontractors.

Large bore piston production demands more scrutiny as the engines within these size scales are very expensive. At our piston production facilities, machining is completed using modern NC and CNC equipment. At every stage of manufacturing, each piston goes through various tests before being approved by our quality control department.
Our testing procedure includes material chemical analysis, casting micro structure control, universal hardness testing, micro hardness testing, hardness depth control and ultrasonic alpine bonding tests. This in depth procedure enables us to achieve the same quality and machining accuracy for each piston.

Aluminum Pistons:
Aluminum pistons are casted from various compositions of aluminum alloys. They are light and their material composition enables an ideal thermal conductivity. Depending on the specific application, reinforcement parts such as cast iron ring carriers or steel parts are integrated into aluminum pistons.

Articulated (2 parts) Pistons:
Articulated pistons are manufactured for industrial applications that require more durability than aluminum pistons. These pistons consist of a steel upper section and an aluminum piston skirt. The two parts are connected with friction welding. With the steel top, these pistons are more resistant to wear and high pressure compared to aluminum pistons.

Steel (Mono-block) Pistons:
Steel pistons are made of heat and pressure resistant steel. They are specifically designed to endure high ignition pressure and high temperatures.

Technical Details:

1.  Ø bowl
2. Piston crown
3. Combustion chamber (bowl)
4. Piston crown edge
5. Piston top land
6. Compression ring groove
7. Ring land
8. Recessed ring land
9. Oil Scraper ring groove
10. Piston length
11. Piston diameter 90° against the piston pin bore
12. Piston skirt