Cylinder Liner

GLMW has an extensive product range with cylinder liners up to 540 mm bore size that are applicable for various industrial applications.

Wet Cylinder Liners:
These cylinder liners are primarily used in large bore industrial engines. They are used in the engine block together with sealing rings and have a wall thickness of 7 to 15 mm. They are called wet cylinder liners as coolant agent from the engine flows directly around them. We supply the sealing rings (cylinder liner o-rings) along with our cylinder liners.

Oversized Cylinder Liners:
In certain cases of wear and corrosion on the engine block, fitting new parts will not be sufficient for an engine to work properly. Hence, grinding and repair is done on the engine block. In such cases, the standard size cylinder liners do not fit the engine block anymore and oversize cylinder liners are required. For our customers who are experiencing such issues, we supply all of our cylinder liners in the requested oversize.